Mobile Advisors

About Us

This is the part where one should hire someone to write content because writing about oneself and our visions is one of the hardest things to do. However, if I ever expect you to trust one of my advisors or me with your insurance planning, you need to understand why I founded Mobile Advisors, what drives me, and what differentiates us from any other Life & Health Insurance advisory in Canada.

My career in the Insurance industry began in 2007 after wrapping up two years of Business College. It landed me at one of the larger financial institutions in Canada, where I would spend the next decade. While I enjoyed the challenges of dealing with families, business owners, and professionals, I discovered that agriculture and farming felt most like my natural market, and that is where I spend most of my career. I will never lose my love for grid roads, early morning coffee, and being forced to take home bags of farm baking.

While I give all the credit in the world to my first employer for giving me the ability to become the advisor I am today, the more I advanced my knowledge, the more suppressed I started to feel. Firstly, I was tied to using one product, and I knew if I ultimately wanted to give my clients the best planning that it would have to be as a broker, giving me access to every insurance carrier in Canada. Secondly, when you are working for a large corporation, they expect you to walk, talk, and act the way they expect you to. I knew, moving forward, that my employer would want absolutely nothing to do with the things I wanted to convey to the consumer. In fact, no insurance company would want anything to do with what I was about to do. That is when I knew it was time for a change.

In 2018, I formed Mobile Advisors as a means of taking the reigns and being able to express myself in a way that no insurance companies or advisors were. First on the agenda was creditor insurance, which is sold to consumers to act as a means of life insurance to protect a person’s personal loans, mortgages, business loans, and farm loans in the event of death. I spent 10 years educating clients on how grossly overpriced these banking products are, in return saving countless clients thousands, if not tens thousands of dollars. I grew tired of having to educate individuals one by one about the drastic differences between creditor insurance and traditional life insurance. I set out to create tools that would empower every Canadian to make educated and rational decisions about how they protect their debt, what insurance products to trust, and who to trust when consumers are making decisions about how to utilize insurance products.

Let us reflect for a minute. Do you really expect your business lenders, agricultural lenders, and mortgage lenders to be effective insurance advisors with access to a competitive insurance products? This would be equivalent to you doing your farm, business, or mortgage lending with an insurance advisor after your insurance plan is done. It makes no sense, and we need to relentlessly retrain consumers to think logically about this. Why do Canadian consumers continue to buy insurance from people who have absolutely no insurance experience? Because they lent you money? Just because you have built a trusting relationship with someone does not mean to toss your due diligence and your money out of the window. To address this problem, we set out to create two unique calculators.

The first was the “Mortgage Insurance calculator,” which allows the consumer to instantly calculate the cost difference between insuring their debt through their mortgage lender or insuring their mortgage debt privately through an insurance broker or advisors.

The second was the “Commercial & Agricultural loan insurance calculator,” which allows consumers to instantly calculate the cost difference between insuring their farm or business debt through their lender using creditor life insurance or insuring the business or farm debt privately through an insurance broker or advisor.

Both calculators are now complete and available on our website. They have saved and will continue to save clients across Canada thousands of dollars.

Now that the calculators are completed, I have shifted gears. One of my passions for insurance advising revolves around advanced taxation and estate planning with life insurance products. It has been a relentless effort to take my knowledge of advanced taxation of life insurance and plug it into accounting and other professional industries so that the accounting and other professional industries understand the feasibility of using insurance strategies for their clients’ tax & estate issues.

The efforts are never-ending, and the strategies are continually evolving. The more time I spend with other tax professionals, the better we get. While I am sure none of the accountants I work with will be reading this, I still need to thank every one of them from the bottom of my heart. Their knowledge and willingness to collaborate and educate me has pushed my abilities far past my wildest expectation.

Their help has resulted in countless hours of turning complex ideas into English so that this stuff is easy for everyone to understand.

To wrap this up, whether you are someone looking to do planning with us, or whether you are a professional looking to anchor insurance planning into your practice, I want you to know this. My advisors and I are like a family. We maintain the exact same mentality when it comes to our clients and our partners. It does not matter who you are, or where in Canada you reside; we are here for you. Whether it is questions about you or your clients’ existing policies or insurance planning moving forward, please never hesitate to reach out and ask questions. We love helping as much as we love planning.

-Matthew Inglis